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Did you know your Zip Code affects your insurance rate?

Did you know your Zip Code affects your insurance rate? There are literally thousands of rating factors in today’s insurance policies. Out of all those variables, one of the most influential in policy price is location. Here is a quick breakdown of Valley cities and their respective common home claims: Gilbert 85234 – The top […]


What is Umbrella Insurance? Do I need it?

Did you know that over 41,000 lawsuits are filed EVERY SINGLE DAY in the United States? We live in a very litigious society and courts award hundreds of millions of dollars in damages daily. An Umbrella policy protects you from having to pay a large judgement out of your savings, assets or even future earnings […]

Glass Coverage

Senate Bill 1169 – No more Full Glass Coverage, what it means for you

Senate Bill 1169 – No more Full Glass Coverage, what it means for you We all know the sound. You’re driving down the freeway and “POP!” – a rock-shattered windshield.  You call your favorite insurance agency and file a glass claim. You have ‘full glass coverage’ and your windshield is replaced for free! That all […]

auto insurance rate

How the Lowest Liability Auto Insurance Rate Can End Up Costing You Money

A lot of people think that getting the lowest auto insurance rate saves them money and is the practical thing to do. This is a trick, a misconception that we must learn to unlearn. The truth is, getting minimum insurance or skimping on coverage can end up costing you more money. The wise thing to […]

Whiplash Injury Claims

Whiplash Claims and More: Advice for the First 24 Hours After an Accident

One of the most common injuries suffered by those who have figured in car accidents is the whiplash injuries. An injury to the neck, also called neck sprain or neck strain, whiplash is characterized by a collection of symptoms that occur following damage to the neck. According to studies, 37.9 million out of the estimated […]

Umbrella insurance quote photo

Umbrella Insurance Isn’t a Nice Extra, It’s a Must-Have

  Umbrella insurance is a policy that offers additional coverage. It extends over the base insurance limits of your basic insurance policy. This stand-alone type of insurance policy can be purchased and used for various purposes, personal or business. Some of these policies can offer purely excess coverage and protection. Others are used to fill […]

Keys in door

5 Things Every Landlord Must Know About Insurance

A lot of landlords focus on maintaining their rental property and seeing to it that renters are paying on time and such. However, they often overlook the importance of insurance to the benefit of their property. Running a rental property is not just about covering the expenses, calculating the figures, maintaining the premises and the […]

Burning house

Reasons It Is More Expensive to Not Purchase Home Insurance

Many people think that home insurance is a waste of money. What these people fail to see and realize is that it is more expensive if you don’t purchase home insurance. It is understandable why people think this way, especially if you are living on a tight budget. You don’t have enough to pay for […]

Photo of tree on car

Reasons Not to Drive Without Comprehensive Auto Insurance

“Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.” – Steven Wright Many of us see our money go out much faster than it comes in. That’s why it can be tempting to get the bare minimum when it comes to car insurance. The strategy of purchasing cheap comprehensive insurance, or none at […]

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