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Car Accident App

Five Cool Apps to Have in the Event of a Car Accident

A car accident is a difficult situation to be involved with. You may get flustered, confused and totally disoriented and become unable to think clearly with regard to the details and other information pertaining to the accident. In midst of chaos and confusion, an individual who has been involved in an accident is expected to […]

Auto Insurance for Wealthy Individuals

Must-have Auto Insurance for The Rich and Famous

For her birthday, Kylie Jenner received a $220,000 Mercedes Maybach from her boyfriend.  Her auto insurance premium is probably more than some people’s mortgage.  The rich and famous have access to more expensive vehicles and have different insurance needs than most.  For many, their wealth or fame creates challenges.  It is important for wealthy individuals […]

Auto Insurance for the Rich

Here’s Why Auto Insurance for the Rich Often Covers and Cost More

Auto insurance can be complicated and expensive.  If you are looking for tips to getting the best auto insurance, keep in mind the basic formula used by the insurance companies.  They look at your risk factors, analyze statistics, and weigh the cost of a potential payout to determine your premium costs.  How does this work […]

Best Auto Insurance

Five Tips for Getting the Best Auto Insurance

“Approximately 27,000 accidents occur every day. This number includes all kinds of accidents, from minor scrapes to deadly crashes”.  Car accidents are too frequent to take chances.  Auto insurance coverage isn’t just a good idea, in most states its legally required.  There are several things you can do to make sure you are getting the best […]

Need Commercial Auto Insurance

Do you really need Commercial Auto Insurance?

Commercial auto insurance comes in all shapes and sizes. No two businesses are exactly the same and neither are their insurance needs. Whether you are starting a new business, adding vehicles into the mix or just shopping for a new commercial auto policy, this blog should help you uncover what you need. This blog however […]

Restaurant Insurance Exposures

Top 3 Restaurant Insurance Exposures that are often Overlooked

Restaurant Insurance. Most restaurant owners get into business because of their skill in the kitchen. Some are also good businessmen. Few however, are insurance experts. The tendency is to put insurance by the wayside with the minimum coverage you need. Most owners know to have a general liability coverage, property coverage, liquor liability (if serving […]

Car Insurance Cost

9 Reasons Your Car Insurance Cost Is So High

Ever wonder why some individuals seem to get the best car insurance rates while the rest of the individuals struggle with outrageous premiums? Chances are it is not because of their driving record… well a bad driving record might have something to do with it… But here are the top reasons why people with GOOD […]

Auto Insurance Coverage Terms

Auto Insurance Coverage Terms You Need to Know

When it comes to buying auto insurance, far too many individuals walk away not realizing what is actually covered and what is not. This is true for every type of coverage, but the most common we see is for home and auto insurance. This blog will help explain car insurance terms so that you are […]

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